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Most Expensive Restaurants in the World

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Dining is an experience that one enjoys for more than just the benefits of sustaining your body. Visiting one of the most expensive restaurants in the world gives one a true culinary encounter. Costly delicacies at an expensive restaurant can inflate a meal’s total price to proportions larger the weekly salary of some people.

If the hunger in your belly and the cash in your wallet are both the appropriate size, you could dine in one of the 10 of the most expensive restaurants in the world. Forbes has recently published their 2006 list of expensive dining spots and they are listed including the average cost (in USD) for dinner for one below.:

1 ) Aragawa, Tokyo Japan Dinning for one : $368
Aragawa is a very famous steak house in the district of Tokyo’s Shinbashi . Though reputed for its beef dishes throughout Tokyo, It should be the best place for steak lovers . Steak coupled with pepper and mustard is what that the restaurant serves its guests with pleasure.

2 ) Paris: Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée Dinning for one : $231
This is one of the three famed restaurants under Alain Ducasse, Plaza Athene is located in a grand hotel of Paris . It remains closed during summer month every year and during the days before Christmas.

3 ) London: Gordon Ramsay Dinning for one : $183
Gordon Ramsay is a British chef made his venture into the field of restaurant business with his eponymous restaurant in 1998 . They only has 13 tables but still experience a crowd every evening . The mainstay features of the menu are Cornish Lamb and pigeon with foie gras .

4 ) Munich: Acquarello Dinning for one : $125
A Mediterranean-style Italian restaurant rolls in fame for its extensive menu that includes everything from pigeon to veal to pasta . They offer fish delicacies offered too luscious for the tongue to resist its cravings.

5 ) Rome: Alberto Ciarla Dinning for one : $113
Alberto Ciarla with an opulence of tasting menus offers dish delights in keeping with the flavor of seasons . The seven courses are offered by the Fisherman’s Menu include linguine with tuna fish , sliced swordfish and tagliatelle with mussels and grilled .

6 ) Toronto: Sushi Kaji Dinning for one : $109
Known for the food offerings of Mitsuhiro Kaji, the executive chef Sushi Kaji offers menus at $80, $100 and $120. Dish delights for the food buffs vary from barbecued eel, fried fluke with spicy tomato sauce, pickled cucumber and strawberry and watermelon soup.

7 ) Queue De Cheval Steak House Dinning for one : $85
The best food to try in Queue De Cheval Steak House is corn-fed beef. It is dry-aged for thirty-five days before being prepared and served . It offers 24-ounce porterhouse with a bottle of Australian or Californian wine .

8 ) El Amparo – Madrid, Spain Dinning for one : $70
the location of El Amparo one of the loveliest restaurants in Madrid is a converted carriage house . It is popular for its wide collection of wines from the Iberian Peninsula . The chief dining pleasure is the cold salmon with tomato sorbet . Chocolate souffle is a high with hungry diners .

9 ) Whampoa Club, Shanghai Dinner for One: $63
The luxury retail and dining emporium is one of the popular city highs . The appealing ambience of the restaurant rests on its decor that includes pastel glass , opulent Art Nouveau wall panels and crystal chandeliers . The lures of this restaurant are crispy beef strips with sun-dried orange peel and drunken chicken

10 ) Boeucc, Milan Dinner for One: $62
Boeucc has a beautifully decorated dining room, vivid with its soft romantic lighting, paintings and ceramics . A visit to the restaurant is incomplete without a veal with pureed potato and relish of the saffron risotto .

While there may be no definitive way to give one restaurant the attribute of most expensive restaurant in the world, this list is a good start for the world travel who must dine at the best and most expensive restaurants this planet has to offer.

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