Thursday, December 9, 2010

How To Use a Vegetable Steamer

The Hummus Recipes Kitchen (The home of Hummus Recipes & Delicious Middle Eastern Recipes) invites you to learn How To Use a Vegetable Steamer.

There are three types of vegetable steamers that are extremely popular right now: steamer baskets, microwave steamers, and electric steamers. Each vegetable steamer would make a great addition to your kitchen. Let's take a look at how each one of them works.

A veggie steamer basket, which is made out of stainless steel, fits nicely in a two-quart pot. Steamer baskets contain "plates" that can fold out to the size of the pot you are using, making them versatile.

To steam vegetables, follow these steps: First, boil water in the pot with steamer basket. Once the water is rapidly boiling, add veggies, and then turn temperature down. Place a tight fitting lid on the pot. Smaller veggies, such as asparagus, should be cooked within 4-6 minutes, while larger, denser vegetables, such as a sweet potato, may take 12-18 minutes to cook.

A tip: Make sure that the vegetables aren't submerged in water in the pot. The level of water in the pot doesn't have to be high, just enough to boil and create steam.

A microwave steamer vegetable steamer works differently, of course, because it relies on a different heat source. Most microwave steamers are plastic (resembling the shape of a cake pan) and contain a lid.

To steam vegetables in the microwave, place both water and veggies in the microwave tray. Veggies should sit up out of the water on a platform. (Make sure they aren't submerged in water!) Place the lid, which circulates steam and allows for ventilation, on securely. Cook time will vary, depending on the size, quantity, and type of vegetable.

An electric vegetable steamer is just was simple to use as either a steamer basket or a microwave steamer. Electric steamers, which look similar to crock pots, come with a removable pot or bowl for vegetables.

To steam vegetables, place them in the pot, add water (once again, the vegetables shouldn't be submerged), place the lid on securely, and turn the steamer on. Set the timer according to the instruction manual. Time will vary according to type and quantity of vegetable being steamed.

A word of caution

The most common error that occurs while steaming vegetables is overcooking them! This is more apt to happen with a steamer basket, because both microwave and electric steamers are time controlled. If you don't want soggy, overdone veggies, check them often and follow time guidelines carefully. 

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