Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe - How to Make Raspberry Ice Cream

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The Hummus Recipes Kitchen (The home of Hummus Recipes & Delicious Middle Eastern Recipes) invites you to try Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Raspberry Ice Cream.


¼ cup blackberry
1 cup unflavored yogurt
2 tsp lemon juice
½ cup raspberry + 2 Tablespoons for garnish
½ cup whipping cream
2 tbsp confectioner’s sugar
½ cup ice cream, vanilla


- Blend blackberry with ½ cup yogurt and 1 teaspoon lemon juice in blender.
- Pour mixture in a serving glass.
- Blend raspberry with the remaining ½ cup yogurt and 1 teaspoon lemon juice in blender.
- Pour mixture as a second layer in the glass.
- Whip the cream with confectioner’s sugar.
- Place it on top of the raspberry mix.
- Garnish with a scoop of ice cream and raspberry.

Chef Osama

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