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Cheese filled pastry recipe

Photo: Cheese filled pastry recipe

The Hummus blog: The home of hummus dips and traditional Middle Eastern food invites you to try Cheese filled pastry Recipe. Enjoy the Middle Eastern cuisine and learn how to make Cheese filled pastry.  

Category: Appetizers
Serving: 6 Persons
Preparation Time: 30 minutes
Cooking Time: 10 minutes


400g ready-made filo pastry  sheets
1 cup of sugar syrup
2 cups of milk
2 tbsp starch
6 kiri squares
¼ cup sugar

Mix for spreading over filo pastry sheets:

1 cup of milk
1 tbsp butter
1 tsp oil



Put two cups of milk with starch and sugar in a vessel on fire and stir well and continuously.

Add kiri cheese and stir until mix becomes homogenous. Let it cool

Spreading Mix:

Melt butter and add milk and two spoons of oil.

Stir the mix and remove from fire.

Cut filo sheets with 7 × 25cm width

Butter filo sheet with butter then put another one over it.

Put two tsp of stuff on one end of filo piece and bend angles on triangle form

Repeat the same until you finish all sheets.

Oil the tray and arrange filo pieces in it.

Grill in oven until color becomes golden. You can fry them instead as desired.

Served cold or hot with syrup.

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